Monday, February 10, 2014

Community Picnics in 2014

If you live in the Inglewood, Maylands or Mt Lawley vicinity and you are frequently pushing a pram or trike to a nearby park, join us for a chat and play.  Pram Picnic exists to help neighbours with kids meet each other and connect with a wider group of parents in this 'hood. 

Don't be picnics don't work if everyone is shy!  Come along and help your kids make new friends too.

All picnics run from 9-ish (after school drop off) to 11am.  BYO everything - rug, snacks, water, other friends & conversation.  If you are on Facebook, 'like' the Pram Picnic page to hear of any last minute changes due to weather.  Links to maps below.

See you at the park soon!

February - Wednesday 26th at Macauley Park

March – Tuesday 18th  at Faull Park

April – Monday 7th at Ninth Ave Playground

May – Friday 23rd at Copley Park

June – Tuesday 17th at Macauley Park

July – Wednesday 23rd at Faull Park

August – Friday 22nd at Ninth Ave Playground

September – Monday 22nd at Copley Park

October – Tuesday 21st at Macauley Park

November – Friday 21st at Faull Park

Macauley Park in Inglewood.  Corner of Dundas Road and Hamer Pde
Ninth Ave Playground in Maylands.  Behind The Rise Community Centre
Faull Park in Mt Lawley.  Sandwiched between Central and Fifth Ave
Copley Park in Mt Lawley.  Corner of  Beaufort and Regent Sts

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Year, New Events

Hi all,

We are continuing with picnics this year.  After we get through this first week of term I'll get acquainted with a yearly planner and post the monthly picnic locations.  Stay tuned, the first picnic will be late February.  Cheers, Rachel.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello to 2013

If you living in the general vicinity, come along to any (or all!) of the monthly picnics. 
There is no agenda to these gatherings except the chance to meet 'neighbours' who are at the same stage of pram-pushing, child-raising, learning-curve-climbing time of life!
All picnics are between 9 and 11am.  Bring a snack for yourself and a picnic blanket (if you think you'll get a chance to sit down) and any kids not yet in full-time school.
The first picnic in 2013 will be on Friday March 15 at Copley Park, Regent St/Beaufort St, Mt Lawley.
And the rest....
Wednesday April 17th at Ninth Ave Playground (the back of The Rise), Maylands
Monday May 13th at Macauley Park, Inglewood
Friday June 21st at Faull Park, Mt Lawley
Wednesday July 24th at Copley Park, Mt Lawley
Tuesday August 20th at Ninth Ave Playground
Monday September 16th at Macauley Park
Friday October 25th at Copley Park
Wed November 20th at Faull Park
None of these parks have fantastic equipment and facilities (let's lobby councils!) but they will be pram-walking distance for some people, some of the time. 
Copley Park has a power point and Ninth Ave Playground has a cafe so half the time we are guaranteed a cuppa.
Everyone is welcome and many people will come not knowing anyone.  That's how it works so don't be shy.
See you there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spring Picnic




There are a bunch of mums pushing prams around the Inglewood/Maylands/Mt Lawley streets.  Maybe some of us want to meet each other?

Wednesday 7th November

9am – 11am

Faull Park (on Central Ave, at the end of John Street, on Inglewood/Mt Lawley border).  Click here for a map.
BYO everything including snacks, drinks, picnic rugs and any kids that aren’t in kindy or school at that time.

Find us on Facebook too especially if you want to connect with other mums in the area but can’t make this picnic date. 

See you there!